Dr. Joanne Gartner brings a deep commitment to the coordination of mind, body, and spirit in transpersonal hypnosis from her training in discovery learning and energetic clearing. As a constructivist educator for over 25 years, she has been a leader in creating self-reflective learning activities for adults of all ages in several colleges and universities, which means clients leave with effective tools to use on their own.

  On a personal level, she has been doing guided imagery to help others for eight years, has used metaphors throughout her educational work for all levels of learners, and has extensive background herself with the power of the subconscious and of healing energy. Her work has been influenced by quantum theorists who promote individual empowerment by better understanding how our beliefs shape our experience and by taking 100% responsibility for the lives we find ourselves in.

  Joanne maintains that in order to create lasting change in our lives, we need to examine our emotions, beliefs, and expectations. She has established Soul Liberations primarily to help people:

  • Step into being the person they want to be;

  • Steer a new path or take greater joy in the one they’re on; 

  • Empower themselves with a deeper realization of mind-body-spirit connection;

  • Prepare for death with grace and dignity.

  As part of Collective Wellness, "where healing and learning come together," Joanne is proud to be associated with a group of experts dedicated to helping people manage their own well-being. Her  doctorate degree is in Human Development Education from the University of Maryland. with specialty in learning and motivation processes.