Here’s what Vickie B. says about her shamanic experience:

At my first session, my anxiety totally, virtually disappeared; it just went out the window. I was actually able to sleep through the whole night for the first time in a long time. Maybe the second or third session, my heart opened; I could feel change – I felt different than ever before, in the most loving and peaceful way. And I wake up every day that way, with my heart open, accepting everything. I let things go easier, and life got easier. By the end of the sessions, I felt more clear about myself, who I am, how I Iive my life, about what my path is supposed to be, and I have more confidence that no matter what happens, I’m going to be OK. Problems that occur now are not stumbling blocks; they’re more like opportunities. I don’t think, in fact I know, that I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without the Liftd Leap program. It’s been an incredible help to me.

Here's what Diane W. says about about her shamanic experience:

Something has changed in me since I experienced the series of 5 appointments called Liftd Leap with Joanne. Wow! I'm new now, I’m unstuck. I feel good all the way to the cellular level. I'm at ease, I'm open and eager, I've let go of old worn out, no longer useful, actually non-beneficial beliefs about myself and how I looked at life. I own my voice and speak up, but you know what? Kindness and compassion dwell in my vocal chords, so that is what comes forth. I like very much the difference in me since experiencing the Liftd Leap program. Each phase builds forward toward the next step. Joanne is very approachable, listens so keenly and responds thoughtfully. She is a shaman alright, but looks ordinary, like you or me. I will continue to see her about every three months for further personal growth. I feel like a healthy frog now, Leaping onward and yes, wearing a smile on my froggy face!

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"I didn't really know what to expect hypnosis to be like. It was just like having a very very very relaxed conversation. I had found myself becoming quite anxious due to a recent disability, and I felt immediate relief. I've been able to benefit from my hypnosis session greatly by remaining more calm."  R.C.

"I'm not even sure if I was hypnotized, but afterward I felt peaceful and light. My OCD was definitely better after just one session. That's something I've struggled with for years, so it was nice to finally get some relief. After three sessions, I feel it's to where I can think about it, but it doesn't overwhelm and manage me anymore - in fact, I can use that energy to my advantage, on my own terms." S.N.

"It seemed like no time at all; I was just very relaxed. The information I got about myself really surprised me, but it makes sense. To think it was there all the time and I just didn't see it. Now I can handle and even change my feelings for the better any time I want. It's great to come away with mental tools to use." J.L.

"Seems to me hypnosis can help anyone, it's so simple and actually easy. I felt different right away and each day I have more energy and focus to get things done, feel more confidence in myself, and don't let little things set me back. I'm really glad I did it."  T.M. 

"The things I learned to do on my own really are helping me. I like that hypnosis is so simple and natural." D.S.

AND . . .

"My mother sleeps again - thank you, thank you, thank you!"  D.P.

"One session and I'm not smoking anymore; why didn't I do this sooner? I can't thank you enough!" R.S.

"Amazing, I feel amazing - no more anxiety! Light and peaceful!" G.D.

"The family drama I went in for is gone - I mean, it's there, but I'm out of it. And I handle other kinds of anxiety that creep up before they become a problem." S.F.

"I feel like I'm me again - thank you so much!" A.T.

"My confidence is just there now, it's always there. I don't even have to think about it." M.R.

"Each session surprises me. I always say 'OK, this time it probably won't have as much of an effect.'  But it always does - you're really good at this!" T.B"​